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Termite Control In Nerul


Termites also called white ants, are small in size, but are capable of large scale damages to structures and furniture, especially those made of wood. Termites are one of the major reason behind any property damages. Damages occurred by termites are due to they attack in large groups. Termite Control or Termite Treatment is difficult task as termites eat away from within and stay invisible from the outside.

Pest Control Nerul performs efficient service and renders clients with Termite control in Nerul within a span of few hours only. We ensure to get rid of all termite problems as we have an experienced hand in this field.

Termite Control requires skill and experience. There are lots of options that can help but the most important thing to remember is that every property is different, so your solution needs to be tailored to suit your property.

Most properties require some form of termite control and management. Very few regions of India are void of termites. This means that at the very least, every property should have a annual termite inspection.

Termite Control in Nerul | Termite Treatment

Pest Control Nerul provides pre construction termite treatment and post construction termite treatment services to ensure your home and property are safe & protected from destructive termite attacks.

Our specialized post-construction anti-termite control in Nerul acts as a protection against damages caused by termites for both homes and business premises. A professional Termite Control in Nerul is an efficient way to get rid of termite problems from your surroundings. This can be achieved by calling Pest Control Nerul team to inspect the effected areas thoroughly. We use pesticide chemicals also known as Termiticides to fill or spray on the infected area.

What Is Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment?

Termites usually create their nest in the soil and from there they can attack structures by building shelter tubes from the soil to the wood in structures. For controlling termites, it is almost always necessary to use pesticides. Pesticides used for controlling termites are called termiticides.

Termite treatment or control consists of drilling holes and filling it with a recommended pesticide emulsion and sealing the holes after treatment.

Termiticides may be applied in the form of liquids or baits as per property type. When applied as a liquid, the termiticide is injected into the soil or into the wood area of a structure. When a bait system is used, the bait is placed in specially designed bait stations in the soil around the exterior perimeter of a structure.

What Is Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment?

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment is an important procedure to follow before you start the actual building or development of your home or business premises to avoid future termite problems. It is an effective way of keeping termites away from attacking to your property for any damages.

Termite control is the first thing you should do if you are planning to build & develop your house or office. We use highly professional and advanced techniques for treating the termite infestation problems.

Liquid pesticides (Termiticides) are directly applied to the foundation areas such as foundation walls and areas under the concrete slabs to eliminate the termites completely. Tis is hoq we are specialized in termite control treatment.

Termite Control In Nerul & Treatment Method

Termite Inspections – a must to decide what strategy to adopt.

Elimination of active termites in the property – This can be done by different means including dusts, chemicals or baiting systems.

Keeping termites away from the property – This can be done by using physical barrier systems, chemical treated zones or monitoring and baiting systems.

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