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Looking for an effective rat control in Nerul or rat pest control solution to prevent you from rats/mice/rodents control? If so, Pest Control Nerul will help you out!! Pest Control Nerul is a reliable online destination that offers the best rat control & rodent treatment services so you can stay safe.

Rats are commonly found pests in households. In context to the Indian scenario, among all rodents, rats cause the most damage to food items and household property.

Rats do not only spread diseases and contaminate food, they also cause damage to your home. Rats have to continually gnaw on their teeth to keep them from growing too long.

Rats are very dangerous. They can damage your property, assets, building, contaminate food, and are well-known disease carriers infecting many people. There are more than 2,000 species of rats, mice, beavers, and more. They also stand responsible for the ‘Plague’.

If you need rat treatment in Nerul, contact us and we will take care of your rodent problem. We deliver a reliable and lasting pest control solution. In a growing city like Nerul, pests like rodents tend to grow and adapt along. Rodent control in Nerul has become our priority work and we assist all our customers with their rodent problem.

If you are facing problems by rats in your home or offices. Our trained technicians will provide the best solution for rat control service and thus providing you the best rat pest control solutions.

Rat Control, Ultrasonic Machine & Bait Solution

  • We are well known for using the best rodent ultrasonic repellers to get rid of rats
  • Not all rodent ultrasonic machines are capable of chasing the rats away. But our rodent ultrasonic repellers are specially designed by experts for the purpose of getting rid of rats.
  • One of the important tasks in rat control services is catching these creatures. We use special bait machines that can catch the rodents without fail.
  • Once we get rid of your rat problem, we guide you through certain preventive measures and tips for pest control.
  • While on site, offering rat & mice control services; our specialists also inspect your place for any other possible pest infestations.

How to know if you have rats?


Usually, the first clue of a rodent infestation is their droppings. You may find these anywhere, but most of our clients first find these in the pantry or kitchen cupboards and drawers.


While you may not be able to see them, you can probably hear rodents moving throughout your roof void, wall cavities, subfloor areas, or even under the kick panelling of you cupboards.

Damage food packaging:

Rodents will gnaw their way through packaging to get to food products; you may see this in products in your kitchens and cupboards.


Rodents have to gnaw continuously to keep their teeth down and under control. You may see evidence of this on you walls and ceilings but this also occurs in areas you cannot see such as water pipes, ducting for you heater and air-conditioning, and electrical cables and conduits.


Burrows can be found along walls, or fences, under buildings and deckings, stored items, vegetation, wood piles or concrete slabs.

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